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Hidden in Plain Sight: SieMatic Secret Spaces

Hidden in Plain Sight 


Internationally acclaimed, the SieMatic Interior Design Days 2023 garnered praise for its innovative, inspiring, and fascinating offerings. With a presence spanning 75 countries and 400 locations, SieMatic caters to diverse cultures and culinary preferences. The extensive product innovations received accolades, surprising and inspiring kitchen specialists and planners alike. Particularly noteworthy was the unveiling of the handleless SieMatic S2 kitchen generation, with its concealed features and functions. However, the event showcased a multitude of novelties beyond that, providing a rich tapestry of discoveries and experiences. 


"Discerning furniture customers in the premium and luxury segment are looking for individuality, for special value and amazing solutions that express their personality. We can meet these expectations, for example, with the new generation of handleless SieMatic S2 and our special cabinet solutions such as SecretSpace and SecretService. Novel room and furniture concepts with unexpected performance in a design quality that clearly stands out from the standard are simply a pleasure and provide users with an emotional, magical furniture experience that makes a lasting impression." Andreas Rieke, Head of Product Development 



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