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5 Features You Need in Your Shower Right Now!

Technology has come a long way in this digital era, but did you know that the humble shower has made leaps and bounds too? Here are 5 shower features or technologies you probably didn’t even know existed and are available in Malaysia!

1. Select Button

Hansgrohe Select Button Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We all know that some shower heads can switch between jet-types, but let's face it - using them can be a difficult or uncomfortable experience leading us to just use the same setting all the time. The Select button mechanically switches between jet-types at the touch of a button! It’s so easy, it can be done with your eyes closed (which in the case of a shower is quite often).

2. Unica Comfort - grab bar

Unica Comfort  Showerbar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house, with children and those over the age of 65 particularly at risk. The Unica Comfort Shower Bar combines the function of a shower rail, the safety of a grab handle and the convenience of a shelf all in one practical and beautiful design. This sturdy brass wall bar is chrome-plated and offers a secure grip up to 200kg. Shower utensils are conveniently within reach on the solid plastic shelf which is easy to remove for cleaning. For more information on the Unica Shower Bar, click here.

3. RainAir

Hansgrohe Rainair Rain Air Kuala Lumpur malaysia

Many showers come with different “jet-types”, but not all were made equally. For you "pleasure showerers" who like to destress at the end of a long day, the RainAir is a must in your shower arsenal. This relaxing shower technology is enriched with air inside the showerhead, making the water feel soft and plump, giving you that "summer rain" luxury-shower feeling. What's more, it's water saving!

Watch the RainAir in action below. You can also drop by our Bathroom Gallery in Petaling Jaya to feel the difference yourself!

4. Quicklean

hansgrohe quicklean kuala lumpur malaysia

There are no two ways about it: if you love a gleaming, sparkling bathroom, then limescale is always a major concern. In case you don't know, limescale is calcium carbonate: a hard, chalky white deposit that remains after hard water evaporates. It’s unpleasant to the eye, difficult to clean, and interferes with the functioning and even water pressure of your shower head. This is where QuickClean technology comes in. Since Hansgrohe has fitted its shower jets with flexible silicon naps, dirt and limescale can be rubbed off with just your fingers. No more scrubbing with vinegar!

5. Upgrade to an overhead shower without hacking!

overhead shower showerbar hansgrohe kuala lumpur malaysia

Overhead showers are a great way to achieve a luxurious, spa-like experience in the bathroom. What exactly is an overhead shower? Sometimes called a rainfall shower, it’s when a showerhead “rains” water on you similar to organic rain. Overhead showers normally require expensive or timely hacking into the walls and/or ceiling, which is something many of us are not willing or able to do. Thanks to Hansgrohe’s showerpipes you can enjoy all of the perks of an overhead shower without any of the hacking!

Below are some popular examples:

Do you have any questions? See anything you like? Visit our showroom, or contact us. We're always happy to help. All Hansgrohe showers come with a 5 year Guarantee, and are imported from Germany to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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