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The difference is Gaggenau


333 years of innovation, quality and skill have seen us emerge through the vagaries of history, some of which we shaped: we influenced the built-in kitchen, brought the combi-steam oven into the home and are now pioneering a wash cycle for it. These are all breakthroughs that determined the future. We do not await tomorrow, we have already made it. The difference is going to be amazing. And 333 years in the making.

Every one of our pieces is conceived, designed and engineered, not just to the highest standards but to a Gaggenau standard. Doors close with reassuring solidity, knobs turn with distinct increments, inserts fit snugly yet easily into place. Everything acts as it should and as you would wish it to. Gaggenau is refined engineering and rugged design. We offer the eye a clean, minimalist line, and the chef immense control and capabilities. Open a door, turn a control knob, press a button, feel the difference.

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