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Cohesiveness To improve lifestyle via innovations, designs and sustainable quality products and services.

To provide a one-of-a-kind, unsurpassable service standards in the bathroom and kitchen industry.




Be the National leading provider of high quality Kitchen and Bathroom Sanitaryware products and services 

Provide trendsetting and classy showrooms for the most unique customer shopping experiences

Be the curator of the world's best bathroom and kitchen designs and innovations in Malaysia

Be the most tasteful and comprehensive brand representative to all our global business partners 

to strive to provide the best value for money to our customers 

Continue to uphold our business integrity and goodwill 

To establish collaborative, synergistic, and sustainable partnerships with the best global manufacturers and all our customers



"We’d like to take the opportunity of Bina’s 45th birthday to express our satisfaction about the partnership between Duravit and Bina Warehouse which exists for almost 15 years. We as one of the leading design bathroom manufacturers are happy to cooperate with Bina Warehouse as it’s one of the biggest distributors for high end bathroom and kitchen labels in Malaysia. With its technical knowhow, after-sales and on-site support team it represents Duravit in an ideal manner and continues our aspiration of making designer bathrooms come alive. All this is reflected in the always up to date showroom which is in pristine and immaculate condition. We’re happy to see beside a selection of our wide product range our new products like Luv, DuraSquare and Vero Air soon there!"

-Mr A. Groeben, Head of Internatinal Business, Duravit

Mr A. Groeben

Head of Internatinal Business, Duravit

"It is an honour to come to Bina Warehouse. It is my first time. Walking in, I just feel like I want to buy everything. It is so beautiful, classy, and some items are pretty unique. After going through the whole store, I have to say that the staff are very friendly and attentive, and this place is really one stop where you can come in the future to get anything you want from the lower range to the highest range."

Mrs L. Chin

"Staff is extremely knowledgeable in how a kitchen should work. They were also very professional in following up to all my queries and they kept me informed of the status of all my queries. I have been to other Kitchen Specialists and they are no way near as good as them. They also provide a one-stop shop for the other kitchen accessories as well hence saving me the hassle of going all over town for them. I would highly recommend Bina Warehouse if you are considering a makeover of your kitchen."

Mr C. Hong

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Key Values.



has been instrumental to build goodwill over the years........

Excellence. Quality. Standards. Reliability. 

Uncompromising standards...

Team work...


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