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The SieMatic Style Collection


'We see kitchens as living spaces. This is why we don’t think in terms of products, but of style collections.'

Whether purist, classic or urban, good design doesn‘t think of itself, but of the people who use it. The three SieMatic international style ollections therefore offer the perfect kitchen concept for every home and lifestyle. After all, a SieMatic always becomes part of the family – usually for many decades.

The Valuable Essence Of  SieMatic

Impressive in terms of both beauty and intelligence. With a harmonious selection of materials and exceptional quality. But above all, an intricate passion for detail. Perhaps not perceptible at first sight, but unmistakable every single day. After all, only when used does the meticulous care, durability and expertise that distinguish our interior design systems become apparent.


The new SieMatic SLX PURE

Feel. Weightlessness. Light. Transparency.
A kitchen concept that sets new standards.



The SieMatic ColorSystem

Color is one of the most important design elements in interior design,  because it spontaneously creates moods and feelings. The choice of colors determines whether a room is perceived as inviting, elegant, generous, cool, or cozy.

SieMatic Individual ColorSystem

With a dazzling choice of 1950 matt and glossy colors in SQ lacquer, the SieMatic Individual ColorSystem enables the homeowner to create a truly unique kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Colours

Wood Veneers.

Warmth, naturalness, versatility – wood is an integral element in living spaces and kitchens today. Nevertheless, we are always committed to transforming this flexible material into something exclusive. A continuous, real-wood veneer that runs seamlessly over joints and separations is and will always be truly extraordinary. These types of wood require careful selection, combination and processing; the surfaces demand meticulous assembly and alignment. And the unique flair of nature assumes center stage.

Simulated Wood Grain

SieMatic simulated wood grain is a family-friendly, simple alternative that is extremely easy to clean and resilient, with a flawless, high-quality appearance. As with natural wood and the craftsmanship found with wooden furniture, we focus on harmonious surfaces, pores and structure of the grain. 


Whether facetted drawer fronts, shelves, glass cabinet doors, countertops, side panels, exhaust hoods, StoneDesign countertop edges, handles, or recessed handle channels; whether glossy, silky matt, or brushed; whether in “gold bronze,” “nickel,” or “black” – at SieMatic, you will find an enormous spectrum to make your ideas shine.


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