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Bina Warehouse has been working closely with ALNO for over 22 years, bringing their fine German kitchens to discerning Malaysian households. 


For decades, ALNO has ranked among the most innovative brands in the kitchen industry. Numerous awards and prizes accompany the long-established company’s 90-year success story.

The recipe for success: they always tread new paths, not only setting store by their own experience, innovative strength and top quality but also by unique materials, such as ceramic, glass and wood – to create kitchens in pioneering designs.


Over recent years, ALNO kitchens, like the ALNOMARECUCINA, ALNOCERA and ALNOATTRACT, have excited the market and set new standards that have become international trends. It will be interesting to see which innovative concepts will be the next ones to surprise the kitchen world.

Because one thing is certain even today: ALNO will be ahead of its time in the future too.


Programme: 448 ALNOBRIT/45A magnolia white structure

Colour: Magnolia white structure

AlnoStar Cera

Programme: 400 ALNOSTAR CERA/372 oxides Grigio

Colour: Oxides Grigio

AlnoSund, AlnoShape

Programme: 440 ALNOSUND/30A violet gray structure /

442 ALNOSHAPE/40A light gray structure

Colour: Light gray matt, violet gray structural

AlnoArt Wood Glas

Programme: 336 ALNOART woodglas/463 nut

Colour: High gloss walnut

AlnoStar Sund, AlnoStar Vetrina

Programme: 376 ​​ALNOSTAR VETRINA/237 Black Hgl /

440 ALNOSUND/30A violet gray structural

AlnoSign, AlnoStar Wood

Programme: 242 ALNOSIGN/364 Kashmir Hgl /

404 ALNOSTAR WOOD/341 oak smoke gray

Colour: Oak smoked gray, HGL cashmere

Programme: 322 ALNOPRIME/525 Kashmir glossy

Colour: Kashmir glossy


AlnoPlan, AlnoSund

Programme: 252 ALNOPLAN/11A Silva beech-Nb., /

440 ALNOSUND/32A curry yellow structure

Colour: Silva beech, yellow curry

AlnoClassic, AlnoVetrina

Programme: 346 ALNOCLASS/797 Carbon oak /

368 ALNOVETRINA/127 platinum blue metallic Hgl


AlnoVetrina, AlnoSplit

Programme: 368 ALNOVETRINA/309 Ultra White Hgl /

227 ALNOSPLIT/397 Vintage Grey

Colour: Vintagrau, ultra white


Programme: 242 ALNOSIGN/739 magnolia white Hgl

Colour: High gloss magnolia white

AlnoArt Pro Edition fly

Programme: 338 ALNOGLOSS/197 Kashmir Hgl

Colour: Glossy Kashmir

AlnoStar Dur

Programme: 314 ALNOART pro/314 ALNOART pro/483 champagne metallic Hgl

Colour: 483 glossy champagne metallic

AlnoSign Edition fly

Programme: 242 ALNOSIGN/747 quartz gray Hgl

Colour: Glossy quartz gray

AlnoSatina, AlnoPlan

Programme: 370 ALNOSATINA/134 white matt, / 252 ALNOPLAN/182 Wild Maple Nb.

Programme: 398 ALNOSTAR DUR/57A mud brick structure

Colour: Mud, stone structure



Programme: 348 ALNOCHARME/472 White Hgl

Colour: High gloss white


AlnoArt Pro

Programme: 264 ALNOPOL/892 White Hgl


Programme:394 ALNOCLASSIC/234 oak graphite

Colour: Oak graphite

Programme: 314 ALNOART pro/484 graphite metallic Hgl

Colour: High gloss black


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