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We are Proud to Announce our New Subsidiary BTHRMS Etc.

An average of 2.3 years of your life goes to spending time in the bathroom, that makes every present moment equally precious. BTHRMS is founded because we believe your bathroom should be as unique as you are. Every room in a home should be transparent in character that complements individuality. Think of us as a painter and your bathroom as a blank piece of canvas... with endless possibilities.

To REALISE your dream bathroom, our collection of curators scour the world over every year for the best designed and most beautifully crafted BTHRMS products to fit your personality. Express yourself with exquisite design choices that embrace urban living.

And to OWN that bathroom, we want to create a better everyday BTHRMS experience without your pocket leaking as much as you think you might. We thoughtfully curate a broad collection of artisanal designs with functionality. You'll be glad to know our products are not only well designed but water-saving too!

So whether you are a homeowner, a designer, a developer, or an architect; BTHRMS wants to help you COMPLETE your choice with us. Our artisan makers strive in making durable, stylish and top-notch bathroom fittings for your everyday comfort. We offer an attractive range of bespoke products and well-known brands that will see to all your most natural of needs.

For more information, visit

The BTHRMS Team.


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