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Introducing PowderRain by Hansgrohe: Imitating the Rainforest's Warm and Misty Droplets

The daily shower has become a special part of everyday life. This was an incentive for Hansgrohe to develop a shower spray that will make the showering experience even more special and unique.


A variety of Hansgrohe Raindance Select S showers are equipped with this. As a result, these round, modern showers, which are popular with customers all over the world, can now also create ultra-soft, micro-sized droplets. All thanks to a completely new technology. This innovative jet caresses and pampers the skin, enveloping the showerer in a cocoon of water. Your customers will love the soothing experience they get from these showers. They will find it wonderfully calming to submerge themselves, dream and relax in this gentle, quiet oasis of water.


The new jet type PowderRain features:

  • Micro-sized droplets

  • Low-noise

  • Enables you to wash your hair efficiently

  • Is economical and sustainable

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