Kitchen Style Collections

We see kitchens as living spaces. This is why we don’t think in terms of products, but of style collections.

Whether purist, classic or urban, good design doesn‘t think of itself, but of the people who use it. The three SieMatic international style collections therefore offer the perfect kitchen concept for every home and lifestyle. After all, a SieMatic always becomes part of the family – usually for many decades.

SieMatic style collection



When it comes to minimalism, the biggest challenge is leaving the right things out to focus on the essentials. The kitchen and room concepts in the PURE style collection are the perfect embodiment of this art. They don’t need opulence to impress. Nothing decorative to catch the eye. They stand back, gently underline the room’s spatial effect, integrate themselves into the architecture. Thanks to extensive, handle-free surfaces and forms, discrete colors, atmospheric lighting and concealed functionality. The PURE collection never wants to be more than it is: simply perfect.

Pure Kitchen Malaysia

SieMatic style collection



Opposites don’t just attract. Skilfully combined, they create something new, something extraordinary. The CLASSIC collection masters the creative composition of different style elements to perfection. It unites traditional forms with modern surfaces and marries elegant colors with metal, glass and stone. Light and dark, matte and gloss, delicate and solid – in this collection, there is no “or”. Just a harmonious “why not?

Classic Kitchen Malaysia
Urban Kitchen Malaysia

SieMatic style collection



Cities are loved for their cosmopolitan flair, cultural diversity and inspiring momentum – characteristics that also gave the URBAN collection its name. The room concepts created with it are open-minded in the truest sense. Freestanding pieces allow for flexible, almost intuitive planning. Surprising elements like a herb garden and the open design highlight the conscious, unconventional lifestyle of its owners. The kitchen becomes a customized oasis of well-being, with plenty of room for your own ideas.

Interiors Drawers

The SieMatic interior design systems



When we talk about outstanding kitchen design, we also mean the harmonious interplay of outside and inside. After all, beneath surfaces, behind doors and pullouts hides the valuable essence of a SieMatic: The interior design systems. Impressive in terms of both beauty and intelligence. With a harmonious selection of materials and exceptional quality. But above all, an intricate passion for detail. Perhaps not perceptible at first sight, but unmistakable every single day. After all, only when used does the meticulous care, durability and expertise that distinguish our interior design systems become apparent.

The SieMatic ColorSystem

Colors and materials


For every kitchen concept, we always have a color and material scheme in mind. A harmonious and sensitively attuned palette of colors, surfaces and materials that highlight the character of the kitchen design. The key criterion is always our understanding of timeless elegance. After all, a SieMatic should bring enjoyment for many years to come. Equally important is your personal style. This is why we not only offer you a wide range of materials, lacquer and laminate surfaces, but also the SieMatic ColorSystem with up to 1,950 special colors to choose from in satin matte or high-gloss. The only thing that is never up for debate is the quality. When all is said and done, each of our surfaces have to undergo the toughest endurance test of all: Everyday life.

Siematic colorsystem.jpg

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